Non Anesthetic Pet Dental Care
with Lana Elterman

At Gentle Dental we try to make your pets dental care experience a positive one. We work with your pet’s individual personality, striving to make them as comfortable as possible.

Non-Anaesthetic dentals offer a safe and effective alternative to standard anaesthetic cleanings. Lana’s gentle handling techniques allow her to clean, scale, polish, and flush both above and below the gum line. Each cleaning also includes ultrasonic scaling. The procedure uses the same instruments and techniques as if your pet was under anaesthesia.

Working in the veterinary medical field for over 17 years, Lana is well aware of the risks of anaesthesia. For many of her patients, anaesthesia is not an option due to medical conditions. That’s why she started Gentle Dental, to help pets live longer and happier lives without risks. To book an appointment with Lana please call 778 848 6741 or email at Lana@PetGentleDental.com

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